About Me

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Hello! My name is Jayda and I am an 8th grade student. This a page all about my life. I have been an equestrian for about 2 years and I ride with a few of my friends. I have 7 pets; dog, cat, 2 ducks, hamster, ferret, and a bunny. I love animals and drawing them. Next year I am going to go to a school based off of farming and animals. For the future I want to learn how to jump and then compete in cross country jumping. My dog is a borgi, that is a border collie mixed with a corgi his name is Tyson. My first duck I hatched from and egg and it is a welsh harlequin named Darwin, my other duck I got from a friend and he is a ancona duck named Simon.

This is some of my friends that rides with a very barn famous horse named JJ.

This is a borgi but not my dog.

This quote is one of mine and my friends favorite equestrian quote.

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